Diploma in Accounting and Finance1284535.16%2721.09%
Global MSc in Management51416031.13%8015.56%
LSE-Bocconi Double Degree in European and International Public Policy & Politics301343.33%2376.67%
MA in Asian and International History (NUS and LSE)191578.95%842.11%
MA in Modern History1034341.75%1918.45%
Master of Laws2,23082236.86%28912.96%
Master of Laws (extended part-time study)24**
Master of Public Administration43519143.91%6514.94%
Master of Public Administration (LSE-Columbia)1374029.20%139.49%
Master of Public Administration (LSE-Sciences Po)262388.46%32123.08%
Master of Public Administration (LSE-University of Toronto)1212520.66%1814.88%
Master of Public Policy68529042.34%7210.51%
MPA in Data Science for Public Policy1894021.16%189.52%
MSc in Accounting and Finance81127433.79%17421.45%
MSc in Accounting, Organisations and Institutions4007919.75%4611.50%
MSc in Anthropology and Development1023837.25%2120.59%
MSc in Applicable Mathematics2927826.71%3110.62%
MSc in Applied Social Data Science48610120.78%459.26%
MSc in Behavioural Science48711423.41%7415.20%
MSc in China in Comparative Perspective1824826.37%2312.64%
MSc in City Design and Social Science1226049.18%1915.57%
MSc in Comparative Politics*00
MSc in Conflict Studies500.00%00.00%
MSc in Criminal Justice Policy1125952.68%1916.96%
MSc in Culture and Conflict in a Global Europe1115246.85%2623.42%
MSc in Culture and Conflict in a Global Europe (LSE & Columbia)88100.00%787.50%
MSc in Culture and Conflict in a Global Europe (LSE & Sciences Po)***
MSc in Culture and Society2115425.59%2411.37%
MSc in Data Science65710515.98%375.63%
MSc in Development Management56316228.77%8615.28%
MSc in Development Management (LSE & Sciences Po)201470.00%22110.00%
MSc in Development Studies71124133.90%9813.78%
MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics34414441.86%3710.76%
MSc in Economic History36412032.97%7019.23%
MSc in Economic History (Research)341955.88%1029.41%
MSc in Economic Policy for International Development454378.15%153.30%
MSc in Economics95032834.53%11111.68%
MSc in Economics (2 Year Programme)25911845.56%4718.15%
MSc in Economics and Management328164.88%82.44%
MSc in Economics and Philosophy00*
MSc in Economy and Society1404129.29%2618.57%
MSc in Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation874349.43%1921.84%
MSc in Environment and Development45211725.88%5512.17%
MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change62310216.37%477.54%
MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation2879934.49%3813.24%
MSc in Environmental Policy, Technology and Health (Environment and Development) (LSE & Peking)*0*
MSc in Environmental Policy, Technology and Health (Environmental Economics and Climate Change) (LSE & Peking)17952.94%1588.24%
MSc in Environmental Policy, Technology and Health (Environmental Policy and Regulation) (LSE & Peking)*0*
MSc in European and International Public Policy1919248.17%4925.65%
MSc in European and International Public Policy (LSE and Sciences Po)12975.00%13108.33%
MSc in Finance (full-time)1,48630920.79%1369.15%
MSc in Finance and Economics80911814.59%526.43%
MSc in Finance and Private Equity701588.27%446.28%
MSc in Financial History2714918.08%3312.18%
MSc in Financial Mathematics46310522.68%234.97%
MSc in Gender1224536.89%1915.57%
MSc in Gender (Research)251352.00%832.00%
MSc in Gender (Rights and Human Rights)622641.94%1422.58%
MSc in Gender (Sexuality)633250.79%1320.63%
MSc in Gender, Development and Globalisation1756537.14%2614.86%
MSc in Gender, Media and Culture2434518.52%2610.70%
MSc in Gender, Peace and Security974445.36%2424.74%
MSc in Gender, Policy and Inequalities1436041.96%2920.28%
MSc in Geographic Data Science1523623.68%149.21%
MSc in Global Economic History55100.00%5100.00%
MSc in Global Economic History (Erasmus Mundus)***
MSc in Global Health Policy33412637.72%4814.37%
MSc in Global Media and Communications (LSE and Fudan)411639.02%1024.39%
MSc in Global Media and Communications (LSE and UCT)271451.85%933.33%
MSc in Global Media and Communications (LSE and USC)39610326.01%5213.13%
MSc in Health and International Development26912747.21%4115.24%
MSc in Health Data Science3257422.77%226.77%
MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing1179984.62%5244.44%
MSc in History of International Relations1283829.69%2015.63%
MSc in Human Geography and Urban Studies (Research)402152.50%1025.00%
MSc in Human Resources and Organisations (Human Resource Management/CIPD)54613825.27%8114.84%
MSc in Human Resources and Organisations (International Employment Relations/CIPD)1543724.03%2616.88%
MSc in Human Resources and Organisations (Organisational Behaviour)2637829.66%4215.97%
MSc in Human Rights22010547.73%4520.45%
MSc in Human Rights and Politics2228739.19%4821.62%
MSc in Inequalities and Social Science4645712.28%306.47%
MSc in International Affairs (LSE and Peking University)443170.45%4090.91%
MSc in International and Asian History843339.29%1517.86%
MSc in International and World History (LSE and Columbia)242395.83%45187.50%
MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies36716544.96%9525.89%
MSc in International Health Policy2539135.97%5220.55%
MSc in International Health Policy (Health Economics)2826121.63%3612.77%
MSc in International Migration and Public Policy15310166.01%5133.33%
MSc in International Political Economy55511220.18%6311.35%
MSc in International Political Economy (LSE and Sciences Po)0010
MSc in International Political Economy (Research)551527.27%1425.45%
MSc in International Relations82324730.01%11814.34%
MSc in International Relations (LSE and Sciences Po)332678.79%2678.79%
MSc in International Relations (Research)863034.88%66.98%
MSc in International Social and Public Policy53020538.68%11020.75%
MSc in International Social and Public Policy (Development)2078139.13%3918.84%
MSc in International Social and Public Policy (Education)27622.22%622.22%
MSc in International Social and Public Policy (Migration)501632.00%1122.00%
MSc in International Social and Public Policy (Non-Governmental Organisations)531833.96%815.09%
MSc in International Social and Public Policy (Research)622438.71%1524.19%
MSc in International Social and Public Policy (with Fudan)471736.17%612.77%
MSc in Local Economic Development3059330.49%4815.74%
MSc in Management1,29919515.01%1007.70%
MSc in Management and Strategy84012615.00%819.64%
MSc in Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation76019625.79%10714.08%
MSc in Marketing74514319.19%648.59%
MSc in Media and Communications76010714.08%7810.26%
MSc in Media and Communications (Data and Society)1713822.22%2011.70%
MSc in Media and Communications (Media and Communication Governance)1844826.09%2714.67%
MSc in Media and Communications (Research)58915.52%*
MSc in Media, Communication and Development3248125.00%3811.73%
MSc in Operations Research & Analytics33610029.76%4212.50%
MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology4288419.63%4911.45%
MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy1746537.36%4324.71%
MSc in Philosophy of Science823542.68%1720.73%
MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences1073734.58%2119.63%
MSc in Political Economy of Europe23210946.98%7030.17%
MSc in Political Economy of Europe (LSE and Sciences Po)6*9150.00%
MSc in Political Economy of Europe (LSE-Fudan)471940.43%1429.79%
MSc in Political Economy of Late Development1023635.29%1918.63%
MSc in Political Science (Conflict Studies and Comparative Politics)27412746.35%6624.09%
MSc in Political Science (Global Politics)3498223.50%4312.32%
MSc in Political Science (Political Behaviour)822935.37%1315.85%
MSc in Political Science (Political Science and Political Economy)2247734.38%4720.98%
MSc in Political Sociology1205545.83%3025.00%
MSc in Political Theory1517750.99%3925.83%
MSc in Politics and Communication1986432.32%3819.19%
MSc in Psychology of Economic Life2774716.97%3311.91%
MSc in Public Policy and Administration4399521.64%5211.85%
MSc in Quantitative Methods for Risk Management4828718.05%357.26%
MSc in Real Estate Economics and Finance6108313.61%426.89%
MSc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies2108741.43%2712.86%
MSc in Regulation973839.18%1919.59%
MSc in Risk and Finance76111515.11%618.02%
MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology2307833.91%4218.26%
MSc in Social and Public Communication1565837.18%3220.51%
MSc in Social Anthropology28313949.12%6221.91%
MSc in Social Anthropology (Religion in the Contemporary World)362466.67%1541.67%
MSc in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship50711522.68%407.89%
MSc in Social Research Methods1365540.44%2014.71%
MSc in Sociology2225424.32%3013.51%
MSc in Statistics1672816.77%105.99%
MSc in Statistics (Financial Statistics)2845720.07%248.45%
MSc in Statistics (Financial Statistics) (Research)371437.84%*
MSc in Statistics (Research)33618.18%*
MSc in Statistics (Social Statistics)34*00.00%
MSc in Statistics (Social Statistics) (Research)17635.29%*
MSc in Strategic Communications3816116.01%4010.50%
MSc in The Global Political Economy of China and Europe (with Fudan)***
MSc in Theory and History of International Relations1245241.94%3528.23%
MSc in Urban Policy (LSE and Sciences Po)***
MSc in Urbanisation and Development1374935.77%2316.79%
MRes in Accounting (Accounting, Organisations and Institutions Track)22**
MRes in Accounting (Economics of Accounting Track)1900.00%00.00%
MRes in Anthropology581932.76%610.34%
MRes in Economics4729620.34%234.87%
MRes in Economics and Management58**
MRes in Finance11975.88%65.04%
MRes in International Development108109.26%54.63%
MRes in Management (Employment Relations and Human Resources)12**
MRes in Management (Marketing)17**
MRes in Management (Organisational Behaviour)19**
MRes in Political Science1662615.66%74.22%
MPhil/ PhD in Data, Networks and Society27*00.00%
MPhil/ PhD in Economic Geography41512.20%*
MPhil/ PhD in Economic History661522.73%812.12%
MPhil/ PhD in Environmental Economics80810.00%*
MPhil/ PhD in Environmental Policy and Development7157.04%*
MPhil/ PhD in European Studies37718.92%*
MPhil/ PhD in Gender60**
MPhil/ PhD in Human Geography and Urban Studies34617.65%*
MPhil/ PhD in International History602236.67%1016.67%
MPhil/ PhD in International Relations154117.14%85.19%
MPhil/ PhD in Law174105.75%74.02%
MPhil/ PhD in Management: Information Systems and Innovation23**
MPhil/ PhD in Mathematics481429.17%*
MPhil/ PhD in Media and Communications891617.98%77.87%
MPhil/ PhD in Philosophy671420.90%68.96%
MPhil/ PhD in Psychological and Behavioural Science421330.95%921.43%
MPhil/ PhD in Regional and Urban Planning26**
MPhil/ PhD in Social Policy1021110.78%*
MPhil/ PhD in Social Research Methods34**
MPhil/ PhD in Sociology1051413.33%54.76%
MPhil/ PhD in Statistics651523.08%69.23%
MPhil/PhD Cities Programme*00
MPhil/PhD in Demography (Social/Formal)12*00.00%
MPhil/PhD in Health Policy and Health Economics8289.76%*